• Leaks Allege New Mac Pros and Retina Display 15" MacBook Pro On the Way

    9to5Mac continued their part in adding to the pre-show WWDC hysterics today with another batch of supposed leaks.

    The first is three model numbers that supposedly represent new Mac Pros, which after nearly two years hanging out in update purgatory could finally see an update. 9to5Mac’s sources “are currently unsure of the feature set coming with the new Mac Pro” but, the sources claim Apple will likely debut three configurations, two standard versions and one with OS X server capabilities.

    Alleged model numbers for new Mac Pros



    Rumors last year claimed that Apple had experimented with new Mac Pro designs that better emulated servers with “rackable and stackable” funcationality. The prototypes reportedly included room for more drives, and could replace a lot of the functionality lost when Apple discontinued its Xserve line.

    Also, 9to5Mac added another gem to the MacBook Pro fracas with another leaked product spec sheet. This leaked sheet, which I emphasize is unconfirmed, features a beast of a 15” MacBook pro complete with a thinner body, 2560x1600 resolution Retina Display, 16GB of 1,600MHZ DDR3 SDRAM, and a AMD Radeon HD 7770M graphics solution with 2GB of RAM.

    The above specs pretty much match everyone’s dream MacBook Pro. Disappointment meter will officially be in the red if WWDC comes and goes without something resembling the spec sheet above.

    Source: 9to5Mac
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