• Mophie Releases New Rugged Juice Pack Pro

    Mophie’s Juice Pack battery cases have long been the staple of life extending iPhone enclosures. With their new Mophie Juice Pack Pro ($129) the company looks to make a stab at the extreme iPhone owner.

    The device literally looks like you could shoot it, and your iPhone would be unscathed, or transform into a small Autobot and fight back. Mophie claims the case features “an impact and environmental-resistant design that exceeds military specification MIL-STD 810G, which tests products across a broad range of conditions including altitude, shock, and exposure to high and low temperatures, rain, humidity, sand, dust, and even gunfire vibration.” Pretty heavy duty. Maybe this is the iPhone case border patrol officers need.

    The Pro case also features a 2500 mAh lithium-ion battery which Mophie claims adds 150 percent extra battery to the iPhone 4/4S, and is the largest battery case Mophie currently offers. The casing itself is polycarbonate with a silicone protective wrap and waterproof speaker cover. The unit includes a USB pass-through and accompanying cable so users can charge and sync their phone without removing it from the case.

    Personally, I’ve never liked the size of the Otterbox cases or similar offerings, but the added functionality of a giant battery justifies the added girth. Honestly though, what happens when larger Android phones and future iPhone get this type of case treatment. Will phones no longer be pocketable?

    Although, Mophie does include a belt clip as a solution if you’re into that kinda thing.

    Source: Mophie
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    1. HarlemState's Avatar
      HarlemState -
      AWESOME!!! i have the 2000 mAh model, and has been holding me down for 2 days with no charge and heavy use.!!! now with 2500 and a nuclear proof case!!! im ready to goooooo thx mophie,
    1. EVO's Avatar
      EVO -
      is Morphie preparing our iphones for armageddon?
    1. regkilla's Avatar
      regkilla -
      The end is near...
    1. chief_bignut's Avatar
      chief_bignut -
      ordered it as soon as it went live !
    1. iBwizzle's Avatar
      iBwizzle -
      (Sigh) If only AT&T hadn't took away my original unlimited data...
    1. Youngblood 78's Avatar
      Youngblood 78 -
      wer can i snag one of these bad boys
    1. xclusiveiphone's Avatar
      xclusiveiphone -
      $129.95 bad price, no buy.
    1. cranko's Avatar
      cranko -
      Quote Originally Posted by 6thDAY View Post
      is Morphie preparing our iphones for armageddon?
      LOL! exactly whats in my mind.
    1. sknet's Avatar
      sknet -
      i need 20,000 mah juice
    1. chulan's Avatar
      chulan -
      Quote Originally Posted by sknet View Post
      i need 20,000 mah juice
      here you go 3/6/9/12/16/19/22/24V 20000mAh (74W/h) Iphone Laptop Solar Battery Charger DC | eBay

      more options at this link 20000 mah | eBay
    1. LTechTalk's Avatar
      LTechTalk -
      That's a heavy duty case as far as I can see
    1. Juggolow22's Avatar
      Juggolow22 -
      Is the Outer Box Defender better? Protectively ?
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