• Firefox 13 Released

    All of you Firefox users out there can find a new version (version 13) available for download. The browser update brings some improvements as well as a new interface for opening a new tab and a new start page layout. The update is available for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux computers. The complete list of changes in Firefox 13 is as follows (via Mozilla's Firefox 13 change log):

    • When opening a new tab, users are now presented with their most visited pages
    • The default home page now has quicker access to bookmarks, history, settings, and more
    • SPDY protocol now enabled by default for faster browsing on supported sites
    • Restored background tabs are not loaded by default for faster startup
    • Smooth scrolling is now enabled by default
    • 72 total improvements to Page Inspector, HTML panel, Style Inspector, Scratchpad and Style Editor
    • The column-fill CSS property has been implemented
    • Experimental support for ECMAScript 6 Map and Set objects has been implemented
    • Support for the CSS3 background-position property extended syntax has been added
    • The :invalid pseudo-class can now be applied to the element
    • The CSS turn <angle> unit is now supported
    The first new feature, the redesigned start page, has been rethought to make starting up your browser and using it more efficient and easier than ever. It includes shortcut buttons for your downloads window, bookmarks, history, addons, Firefox sync, Firefox preferences, and even the ability to restore your previous session. All of these features have been a part of Firefox for a while now, but instead of navigating through a menu, these functions are now a part of the default home page and are much more convenient to get to. The default home page still relies on Google as the default search engine. You can see the redesigned start page below:

    The other major feature being that when you open a new tab in Firefox 13, you will be presented with an exposé-like interface that shows you your top nine Web sites. You can click on any of these nine previews to navigate to that Web site. The new tab interface loads up very quickly and includes a screenshot preview in each box along with a description. You can also drag them around in any order you would like. You can see the new tab interface below:

    Most other new features as simply bug fixes or support for new HTML and CSS elements. The updated Firefox 13 still does not have support for Mac OS X’s native full-screen application mode. Nine times out of ten, the update prompt will come up automatically for all Firefox users letting you know that you have an update ready to be installed. If you want to download the update manually, you can use any of the links for all of the operating systems included below:

    Firefox 13 for Mac OS X
    Firefox 13 for Windows
    Firefox 13 for Linux

    Note: Mozilla recommends the following hardware requirements for Firefox 13:

    • Pentium 4 or newer processor that supports SSE2
    • 512MB of RAM
    • 200MB of hard drive space

    Sources: Mozilla
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