• Massive Worker Riot Reported at Foxconn

    Foxconn - Apple's manufacturing partner in the far east - has seen its fair share of troubles in recent months. From alleged worker abuses to environmental issues, Foxconn hasn't necessarily been a bastion of positive headlines this year.

    And a new report is only making Foxconn's public reputation even worse. According to Want China Times, a massive worker riot unfolded earlier this week. What exactly does "massive" mean in this regard? We're told "hundreds" of workers were involved.

    All of the workers were described as being disgruntled. In no time at all, local police were called in and rioting workers along with Chinese authorities made up a mob of approximately 1,000 strong outside of the southern Chinese facility in Chengdu.

    Multiple arrests were documented, although no injuries have been written about for the time being. The biggest mystery of all, however, remains to be the uncertainly surrounding the events that helped to trigger the employee revolt in the first place.

    Source: Want China Times
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