• NYC Taxi and Limousine Commission Looking to Develop Mobile Taxing Cab Hailing App

    Hailing a taxi in NY might get a little less dangerous if the Taxi and Limousine Commission (TLC) follows through on their latest claim.

    The TLC has apparently heard of these smartphone things millions of New Yorkers possess and wants to develop a system that would allow taxi riders to book, track, and pay for a cab using their smartphones. The TLC is currently accepting proposals from developers that would bring this dream taxi hailing environment to fruition.

    A number of mobile taxi applications already exist, and a number of developers like Taxi Magic are trying to earn the TLC contract. Taxi Magic is currently available in 45 cities, and connected to 30,000 taxis. Taxi Magic prides itself in its seamless integration that allows taxis to pull right up to prospective passengers and they get in.

    However, New York’s taxi environment is a little less smooth, with drivers flat-out refusing to take a passenger to a certain location, or picking up additional passengers in the middle of a separate fair.

    Another mobile taxi app company Hailo, based in London, has already set up an office in New York to help the company better understand the market. Hailo unlike Taxi Magic operated in markets with multiple competing applications and systems. CEO Jay Bergman, whether it’s an honest argument of just an attempt to get a piece of TLC money, has proposed to TLC that more than one mobile application would create competition and innovation in the NYC market.

    “We don’t think exclusivity benefits really anyone in the long run. The companies selected, by definition, don’t innovate as quickly. The technology is changing so fast. Unless you have a constantly open marketplace, you can’t guarantee that what is good today will be good tomorrow.” — Bergman
    Source: ABC News
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      sziklassy -
      Uber is this exact service, only with more class (nicer vehicle, etc.)
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