• Phil Schiller Expected to Become Apple's Showman

    Although Tim Cook has largely flourished and retained investor confidence during his first ten months as Apple CEO (no small task given the enormous shoes he was selected to fill), most people in the industry - perhaps even Cook himself - would agree that Apple's new boss isn't the most charismatic showman around.

    And so there may be a better fit for Apple's "public face" than Cook at events like Apple's WWDC. According to a report from Bloomberg today, Phil Schiller, Apple's senior vice president of product marketing, could be the best choice for keeping Apple keynotes fresh, cool, and sexy.

    In 1999, Schiller jumped off a 15-foot platform to show off Apple’s new iBook. In 2007, he demoed new videoconferencing features by superimposing his mouth on a photo of Steve Ballmer. “I love my Mac!” Schiller had the Microsoft (MSFT) chief declare.
    In addition to having a marvelous sense of humor, Schiller is a savvy business titan who understands how the Apple brand works and, more importantly, why it works with the masses. And while Tim Cook retains widespread support and faith from inside and outside the company, there seems to be consensus that Cook isn't the larger-than-life personality that Steve Jobs was. Then again, neither is Schiller. But he may be better than Cook when it comes to engaging audiences on stage.

    According to the Bloomberg report, Schiller will "increasingly be Apple’s public face, a role that should be evident at the company’s annual Worldwide Developers Conference starting on June 11."

    Source: Bloomberg
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