• JAM by Apogee Brings Studio Quality Guitar Input to iPad, iPhone and Mac

    GarageBand is being released next week and with it, a whole new way of recording audio on the iPad. The iPad 2 includes the same built-in microphone as the pervious version, but recording audio with it hasn’t always produced the best sounding results. If you really want to capture high quality audio, then you have to use another device in conjunction with an iPad to do so. That’s where Apogee’s new JAM comes in. JAM is a studio quality input for iOS devices and it’s also compatible with the Mac as well.

    At last Wednesday’s Apple event, you may have noticed that a guitar was plugged into an iPad 2 in the demo video that was presented. This was Apogee’s latest guitar interface, JAM. The unit includes a studio quality instrument preamp with up to 40dB of gain. It also includes a gain control knob on the side of the device for easy adjustments on the fly. This is a plug and play device so you’ll be recording in no time.

    JAM has been designed with the guitarist in mind, but it should work equally well with other devices that can plug into a ¼-inch input. The device has also been optimized for use with guitar pickups and features an auto “Soft Limit” so you get the highest quality recordings every time. JAM also features a multicolor status LED where Blue indicates that the device is powered on, but not yet ready for use, Green indicates that it’s ready to record, and Red indicates the recording level is too high, or clipping.

    JAM is not just limited to iOS devices, however, as it includes a USB port that can be used with a Mac’s USB port as well. This makes it more versatile than similar devices from other manufactures. JAM is small, light and can easily fit into any musician’s gear bag.

    JAM differs from competitors such as IK multimedia’s iRig, by plugging into the iPad’s 30-pin connector. The iRig on the other hand, connects through the headphone jack instead. While this approach does offer the advantage of being able to power the device while it’s recording, it doesn’t offer the highest possible sound quality. JAM features what it calls, “PureDIGITAL technology” that ensures the highest possible guitar tone every time. Apogee’s JAM will be available March 31 for $99, just in time for the release of GarageBand (well almost).

    Source: Apogee Electronics
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