• iMac and Mac Pro Refresh May Not Arrive until 2013

    According to David Pogue from The New York Times, an Apple executive suggests new iMacs and Mac Pros might not arrive until 2013. Updates to Apple’s desktop computers were noticeably absent from the event.

    "Many Apple observers also wonder if Apple thinks that desktop computers are dead, since not a word was said about the iMac and Mac Pro," he wrote. "An executive did assure me, however, that new models and new designs are under way, probably for release in 2013."

    Apple did update the Mac Pro silently on Monday, but it did so with a two-year-old processor, rather than the Sandy Bridge Xeon E5 chip that many had been expecting. Blogger and developer Marco Arment claimed the update was “half-assed” noting that Apple appeared to have sent the message that it “doesn’t give a sh*t about the Mac Pro.”

    Leading up to WWDC, many sources suggested that Apple would release a redesigned iMac. Others expressed feares that Mac desktops would soon be discontinued due to the increased role of portables in Apple’s Mac sales. The issue was further exacerbated with Apple’s revenue mainly being driven by the iOS platform and the success of the iOS devices that utilize it. Even if you take a look back at Apple’s last “Back to the Mac” event in 2010, although the focus of the event was on OS X and the Mac, the event ended up largely centered around a new MacBook Air that drew inspiration from the iPad and the iOS platform.

    We’ll have to wait around for more concrete news regarding the Mac desktops.

    Source: Marco Arment, The New York Times
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