• Waiting for iPad 2 - how's the line?

    We're standing (well, sitting) in line in Tampa waiting for the iPad 2. Arrived at 10am, and there were 50 people in line already at the Apple Store. The device doesn't go on sale until 5pm, and the line is full of folk with every possible Apple product (and one weirdo on a Kindle) consuming media and passing the time. Geeky conversations are the norm, and passerbys like to make fanboy comments.

    Last year for the iPad launch Apple shut down the whole store from 3-5 to prepare for the iPad's launch. They haven't said yet what they'll be doing this year, but I imagine it will be the same. The only bummer is there's no power outlets and my MacBook Air is dead.

    You guys in line? Where at? Share some photos (there's tons of apps great for uploading a photo while on the go) and how it is at your wait.
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