• iPad 2 Inventories Quickly Depleted at Many Locations by Saturday Morning

    From the experiences of the MMi crew to feedback from our vast readership, there was no shortage of tangible consumer interest in the iPad 2 upon its launch yesterday. As illustrated by long lines and prompt depletion of inventory, it appears the iPad 2 is the hot commodity everyone expected it to be. On Friday evening at 7:30, even MuscleNerd tweeted: "Wow here at 1000 Oaks Apple store they sold out of AT&T models in 20 mins."

    To be sure, the instances of sell-outs were not limited to small stores with equally restricted supply. There are many larger Apple stores that, by Saturday morning, were bone dry across all models, the outcome of hundreds of people comprising long lines that lasted for hours until no more units remained. Kyle down in Tampa experienced what Matt observed in New York City - a ravenous community of iPad lovers eager to get their hands on the second generation tablet.

    Although many are quick to determine that the iPad 2 must be Apple's hottest product in a while, it's also important to remember that Apple did not offer an extended preorder opportunity with the option of reserving a device for in-store pick-up. So until we get some concrete sales data - or at least comprehensive estimates - it will be difficult to pin down just how big of an initial launch weekend the iPad 2 truly enjoyed. But by all accounts, it was huge.
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