• iPad 2 Buyers Reporting Fastest Delivery Estimates from AT&T

    On Friday, Nick reported that Apple had begun estimating deliveries for the first batch of online iPad 2 purchases to take place between March 18th-March 25th. Consumers, however, have since started reporting much faster delivery estimates are coming from AT&T, although it isn't clear just how widespread those estimates are. Several customers we've heard from say that they placed their order Friday morning only to learn that their free two-day delivery will come possibly as early as Monday.

    As of Saturday morning, based on feedback and reports, the lion share of iPad 2 orders placed online through Apple put delivery at 3-5 business days. Not bad. But it looks as though many iPad 2 buyers who ordered from AT&T will have their tablets March 14 or 15th at the latest. Of course, a delivery estimate is just that - an estimate. And there could be many lucky Apple customers who similarly find at an iPad 2 on their doorstep early next week.

    For now, it appears that Apple's online reserves as vastly more limited than they were for other recent product launches. This time around, Apple clearly made retail availability a higher priority than prompt online shipping times. As Apple scrambled to get the second-generation iPad on Walmart, Target, Best Buy, AT&T, and Verizon shelves - let alone their own - it's understandable how Apple's online inventory could have been drastically more limited than usual.
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