• Apple Opens iTunes Store in a Dozen Asia-Pacific Territories

    As Apple continues to grow and succeed, the company is continuing to open stores world-wide to try and tap into potential untapped markets. Although many people across the Pacific Ocean have been able to purchase the latest apps for the iPhone and iPad from the App Store for a while, surprisingly they were shut out of the iTunes Stores. Apple finally opened the virtual iTunes storefront in a dozen locations across the Asia-Pacific region, granting effected people access and increasing the amount of money the Cupertino California company makes.

    Starting recently, the “big three” Asian markets will get access to music and movies for the first time. The Asian markets include Hong Kong, Singapore, and Taiwan. These locations weren’t the only ones who are being granted access though, others on the list include: Brunei, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, Macau, Malaysia, the Philippines, Sri Lanka, and Thailand.

    The new stores at each of the locations will feature local content as well as the big international favorites. Apple even chose to launch the new branches of the iTunes Store complete with iTunes in the Cloud and iTunes Match subscriptions. It isn’t exactly a surprise to see Apple broadening their reach here as it will only lead to more sales and this is great news for consumers as well.

    Source: Apple
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      is korea (republic of south) included?
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