• iPad 2 International Launch Delay Now Seems 'Inevitable'

    On April 14th 2010 Apple released a statement announcing what we had all pretty much expected to hear by that time. Given the "higher than predicted" initial demand for the first generation iPad, the tablet's international launch was delayed from the end of April to the end of May. Not surprisingly, many are wondering today if Apple will be forced to similarly delay the presently scheduled March 25th iPad 2 international launch.

    On Tuesday, following word that delivery estimates for online iPad 2 orders now stand at 4 to 5 weeks, John Paczkowski of Digital Daily addressed the pink elephant in the living room by openly speculating that the iPad 2 international launch may be delayed. Although Paczkowski suggests that domestic product shortages could be evidence of Apple's plan to continue with the March 25th global roll out as scheduled, it seems much more likely that Apple's supply is simply being drained by unbridled demand.

    Further complicating the international launch is the recent tragic earthquake in Japan. On March 25, Japan was to join the 26 countries to receive the iPad 2 along with Canada, UK, Australia, France, Germany, and Spain. But given the level of difficulty in getting humanitarian assistance to the Japanese people at present, it's unlikely that shipments of the iPad 2 are on the minds of many Japanese citizens today. Consequently, there is no shortage of adverse factors that now make a delay appear inevitable for the iPad 2 international launch. But until Apple says differently, we have no choice but to proceed as though the launch schedule remains unchanged.

    Source: Digital Daily
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