• Apple Climbs to Second Spot in Asia's Top Brands Report

    According to a recent survey of the top brands in Asia, Apple climbed four places to the second spot while rival tech giant, Samsung, took the top spot. In its ninth year, Campaign Asia-Pacific released its rankings in the results of its 2012 Asia’s Top Brands report, which was compiled from a survey of 4,800 residents across Asia.

    Sony and Panasonic both ended up taking the third and fourth spots respectively, four out of the top five brands were consumer electronics companies. Nestle was the only non-electronic company among the group rounding out the top five. The top two as mentioned before were Samsung in first place and Apple coming in second.

    Reports editor for the magazine, Jolene Otremba, had the following to say:

    Samsung's sweep of the top spot can be attributed to the brand's dedication to product innovation within a wide range of consumer electronics. The brand's focus on high visibility marketing and advertising, as well as its commitment to developing brand presence in both new and mature markets has helped to give the brand a boost.
    The survey results reflect the shift in brand value that both smartphones and tablets have brought to Asia. Sony placed at the top of this list last year but ended up slipping to third place after being passed by both Samsung and Apple. It should be noted that over the past year, Sony replaced its CEO and announced a restructuring intended to bring the company back to profitability as well but no positive results have come about the situation just yet.

    As expected, Samsung was the favorite brand in its home country of South Korea while also placing first in Hong Kong, Malaysia, Thailand, and Indonesia. Apple on the other hand has been a focusing on the Asia-Pacific region as a key area of growth. iPhone sales in the region have more than doubled in the March 2012 quarter when compared to a year ago with China in particular showing an extraordinary growth of more than five times than the same quarter last year.

    Overall, Apple’s brand has been recognized as one of the most valuable players globally. We’ll have to see if the growth continues and if Apple will take the number one spot over time.

    Source: CNBC
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    1. RyoSaeba's Avatar
      RyoSaeba -
      4800? That's a ridiculously small sample size for the whole Asia.
    1. Mrteacup's Avatar
      Mrteacup -
      Quote Originally Posted by RyoSaeba View Post
      4800? That's a ridiculously small sample size for the whole Asia.
      Yep haha its a rigged system. Apple will eventually hit number one considering they only recently expanded to Asia and are still expanding to more countries in Asia. They probably develop iPhone just for communist countries in Asia that have built in firewalls...
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