• Hacked NES Controller Plays iPad Games

    Forget hacking the PS3. Old-school gamers like myself were practically moved to tears by the wicked cool video footage of a hacked NES controller playing a game on Apple's first-generation iPad. According to Slash Gear, Joven of ProtoDojo has combined a Nintendo Entertainment System controller, Arduino, and some micro servos to create a functional controller for your iPad games.

    In the video above, Joven is playing Reckless Racing on his tablet. While it all looks like fun and games, it certainly took some creative rigging to make the hack feasible. "I hacked my old NES controller to control micro servos with custom conductive arms that simulate touches to the screen of my iPad," Joven says. "The servos are attached to the screen with mini suction cups and can be easily positioned for any game."

    All told, the hack seems to work well and the gameplay has the hacking community largely tipping its collective hat to the sweet NES-meets-iPad gaming experience.

    Source: Slash Gear
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