• Apple to Combat Jailbreaking with iOS 4.3.1 Update, Says BGR

    A slight iOS "tweak" is expected to be rolled out from Apple within the next two weeks, says a new report from BGR. iOS 4.3.1 for the iPhone and iPad could be available around the 1st of April. The update will supposedly address minor bugs and security holes. The "minor bug fixes," however, allude to a fix that would patch a vulnerability that enabled the freshly unveiled iPad 2 to be jailbroken so quickly after its release just ten short days ago.

    Also on tap for iOS 4.3.1 are:

    • Baseband updates for the 3GS and 1st generation iPad
    • Fixed memory hang that results in memory corruption when reading large files from USIM filesystem
    • Fixed problem with NTLM authentication in apps and on websites
    • Fixed issue with the Springboard and 3rd party apps not recognizing the gyroscope on the iPad 2
    Few other details about the rumored iOS update are known, particularly with regard to Apple possibly bringing its updated OS to Verizon iPhone's 4. Only weeks old itself, iOS 4.3 serves up a host of improvements, ranging from more secure in-app purchase controls and beefed-up Safari Web browser, to personal hotspots for tethering a 3G data connection over Wi-Fi and support for AirPlay in third-party apps. Such a prompt update to 4.3.1 likely suggests a knee-jerk reaction on the part of Apple to patch the vulnerabilities that continue to be exploited for jailbreaking purposes.

    Source: BGR
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