• Report: Amazon Actively Testing Smartphone Challenge to iPhone, Android

    Field testing is now underway. That's the report Wednesday from sources close to Amazon who reveal that the online retail giant is actively field testing a new smartphone that could debut within the next six months as a major challenge to the iOS and Android devices that presently dominate the smartphone landscape.

    For now, no lost prototypes have been found in a bar. And we're still waiting for "leaked" images of the device. But The Wall Street Journal reports that Amazon's parts suppliers have assembled the device in accordance with its its current design in order for the company to engage in robust field testing.

    If all goes well, mass production of the Amazon-branded smartphone may commence before the close of 2012. One source told the WSJ that the screen of Amazon's smartphone measures between four and five inches. The WSJ report corroborates last week's report from Bloomberg also confirming Amazon's plan to enter the smartphone space soon.

    For now, Amazon isn't saying a word about broadening its mobile-device offerings. But the writing is clearly on the wall. And if Amazon manages to introduce a high-quality, low-priced alternative to the iPhone tailored to mobile consumers who shop online (or via their mobile device) for almost everything, look for Amazon to have great success with this endeavor.

    Source: WSJ
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    1. PokemonDesigner's Avatar
      PokemonDesigner -
      I would love to test out this phone when it is released. I just don't want to deactivate my 4s.
    1. hank197857's Avatar
      hank197857 -
      apple and samsung have been at this for years, and samsung currently has the best smartphone on the market. i don't see amazon being much of an immediate challenge in terms of market share. i hope i'm wrong. i'm sure amazon will have a very sweet price. at the very least, amazon will sell all three phones.
      best wishes to amazon!
    1. bigboyz's Avatar
      bigboyz -
    1. soidroidios's Avatar
      soidroidios -
      Those who liked Amazon's version of a locked down and stripped down Android might consider the idea. But... if they remove all the google services from a PHONE, then I really can't see any future for this device.
    1. loismustdie555's Avatar
      loismustdie555 -
      IMO it would be best if it ran Android jelly bean but have the UI modified in a way that they could market it as somewhat of a different product
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