• Tweetbot Public Alpha Released for Mac OS X

    Some of us thought it would never come; others knew it was just a matter of time. For those that thought it was just a matter of time, chalk one up on the blackboard because you have scored a point. The guys over at Tapbots have been working on Tweetbot for Mac, and today, they have unveiled a free public alpha version that everyone can try out for themselves (if you have a Mac, that is). The free public alpha version of Tweetbot for Mac can be downloaded from this link.

    Tweetbot is popular on the iOS platform because it has a distinct user interface that includes great looks, swipe gestures, and a good interface setup that is easy to understand. The extra options the application includes gives it a step above the stock Twitter application that Twitter themselves offers. The Mac version of Tweetbot takes some of these great features into consideration to bring the same great Twitter client to the Mac:

    Tapbots has some things to alert users of (via their blog) before they give the alpha version of the Mac OS X Twitter client a run:
    Tweetbot for Mac is finally available! However it may not be quite as you had hoped. Developing for the Mac is no easy task, especially a full-featured Twitter client. However, weve gotten to a point where while not complete, it is useable. Weve decided to release it as a public alpha to a) motivate us to finish faster, and b) get feedback to help us build the best Mac incarnation of Tweetbot we can make. You can love it or hate it, but rest assured it will only get much much better from here.
    Before giving the client a try, you should be warned that it is a public alpha. This is the stage even before beta. This means you can expect lots of bugs, lots of missing functionality, and even lots of issues with performance. The public alpha is installed at your own risk and used at your own risk and Tapbots will not offer any support for the Twitter client as it sits right now; this will all change when the application is not in alpha anymore. However, the alpha version is your chance to try Tweetbot out for free and see if you like it because as soon as the application gets to version 1.0, Tapbots will charge money for the application just like they do in the iOS App Store.

    We have taken the application out for a limited test run ourselves and experienced no problems using the core functionality of Twitter through the alpha version of Tweetbot for Mac. You can view your Twitter stream, send direct messages, Tweet and Retweet, and reply to people. That being said, the client is at least usable, but it is not yet engorged with all of the options that the iOS client gives you.

    To install the public alpha version of Tweetbot for Mac, you need to be running Mac OS X 10.7 or newer. The client will also support the retina display of the new MacBook Pro, which is an essential feature of the client. Be sure to let us know how your testing went with it if you choose to take a step forward and give it a try.

    Sources: Tapbots
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    1. alcapwn27's Avatar
      alcapwn27 -
      when will tweetbot have FB integration??
    1. Simon's Avatar
      Simon -
      love tweetbot for iOS. Looking forward to trying this out.
    1. 2k1's Avatar
      2k1 -
      Just got introduced to tweetbot for iPhone and I love it. this will be a must have.
    1. subywrex's Avatar
      subywrex -
      so far its really good.. When they say "core functions" this thing does pretty much what the stock twitter app does right now.. Cant wait for more features to come! i am a tapbot supporter for sure
    1. Simon's Avatar
      Simon -
      Only real feature I am missing right now that the twitter app does is having the icon is the menu bar at the top of the screen. I use that to hide and unhide the twitter app when using it.
    1. Conquest3.0's Avatar
      Conquest3.0 -
      No auto-scroll yet?
    1. Anthony Bouchard's Avatar
      Anthony Bouchard -
      Quote Originally Posted by Conquest3.0 View Post
      No auto-scroll yet?
      I think auto-scroll would be more of an annoyance. Next thing you know you start reading an interesting tweet and you're just scrolling right past it.
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