• Belgian Retailer Sells iPad 2 a Day Early

    With the new iPad scheduled to go on sale in twenty-five more countries tomorrow at 5:00 PM local time, a small Belgian retailer accidentally began selling the new device a bit early.

    According to the (very roughly) translated article, a small retailer called Photo Hall in Nivelles, Belgium allowed customers to purchase their iPad 2s, several hours early. The news that that the retailer was selling the devices early spread quickly and many in the area rushed to the store to try to get their hands on the iPad early. The Belgian publication that first reported the story did attempt to contact the the store, but at that point, the retailer had realized its mistake and stopped selling the device.

    The manager of Photo Hall later apologized for the debacle at his store:
    "Our instructions not to sell the product, however, were very clear and our entire staff had yet been informed not to release the product until tomorrow.Photo Hall group regrets this situation and take necessary measures so that it can not happen again…"
    Apple has not responded to the situation at all, but there's a chance that this mistake may cost Photo Hall. Everyone else in the twenty-five countries will simply have to wait to get their hands on the iPad 2, it certainly isn't long now.

    Belgium-iPhone (Google Translate)
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