• iPad Video Wall: From Concept to Reality?

    Putting on my investigative hat this week, I started snooping around to discover what those outside of the tech world are planning for the iPad. With time, Apple's new tablet will be tweaked, modified, and jailbroken into all sorts of monstrosities. But what about uses for the iPad that breach the tenuous borders of the tech world? Yes, indeed, there are those outside the gadget blogosphere that are just as excited about the iPad and "things to do with it."

    One architectural firm in Australia, for example, readily comes to mind. The folks at ClarkeHopkinsClarke have created a mock-up of an "iPad Wall" concept that could potentially revolutionize libraries, book stores, museums, and... well, who knows what.

    The biggest buzz surrounding the iPad might be its applications and features, but there are more uses for this product. The iPad has paved the way for affordable multi-touch screen-walls for building interiors. CHC has designed a library feature wall which utilizes the iPad as tiles.
    The wall envisioned would integrate the cutting-edge features and attributes of the iPad along with its customizable applications in order to extend the iPad into a "wall of possibilities" for presentations, exhibits, research, or even art. Pretty snazzy, huh?

    Furthermore, to show our commitment to the environment, we will use recycled/refurbished iPads to construct the wall. This will significantly lower the cost of each computer tile. There is no concern for the wall being obsolete in a few years time with the launch of new technologies. Each iPads contains its own processor and hard drive, the combined processing power and disk space will be so large that the wall will last for many years to come. The modular design will also make installation and replacement very easy.
    Might we soon find ourselves surrounded by iPad walls everywhere we go? Maybe. Then again, there are so many plans in the works for the iPad that this one may soon be forgotten and replaced by something much cooler. If and when such prototypes float to the surface, ModMyi will take you inside for a closer look.

    Images via ClarkeHopkinsClarke
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    1. yilia's Avatar
      yilia -
      That looks so wonderful. I do want to have a look.
    1. johnsmith01's Avatar
      johnsmith01 -
      Its very nice creativity through ipad
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