• Microsoft Courier a Dual-Screen iPad?

    Although Bill Gates recently stated that there was nothing about the iPad that made him wish Microsoft had come up with a tablet of their own first, more details have emerged about a secret Microsoft project that could reveal the opposite of what Gates has been suggesting in the media. Indeed, it now appears that Microsoft wants a device of its own to rival the iPad. And more details are surfacing about when the product may surface and what it will look like.

    From the first rumblings of its existence last fall to the new slate of rumors surroundings its look and potential release date, it now appears that the Microsoft Courier will be built to compete with the iPad. Sources have been cited in reports indicating that the device will serve as a digital journal customized for ultimate convenience, accessibility, and portability.

    The dual-screen device is reportedly under an inch thick, weighs only a pound, and, instead of Windows 7, the Courier is believed to be built on Tegra 2 and will run on the same operating system as the ZuneHD. Naturally, the pen-based interface suggests the tablet will be very writing and reading-centric.

    Although the latest rumor is that the Courier will turn up before the holiday shopping season commences this year, nothing has been formally confirmed. But it makes sense that Microsoft would wait to see if the iPad flies or falters before determining how to best push or promote their "iPad killer."

    Look interesting to anyone? If you're wondering about the price... so are we. No word yet on that either.

    Image(s) via Engadget and The New York Times
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