• Greenpois0n to Serve Up iPad Jailbreak?

    Within the last few hours, the blogosphere has lit up with reports about jailbreak software for the iPad. Since Apple announced the tablet, the jailbreak community has been entertaining the jailbreak potential of the iPad. p0sixninja of the Chronic Dev Team has now presented a Greenpois0n screenshot that purportedly shows the arrival of support for jailbreaking the iPad.

    The Team is poised and ready to jailbreak the tablet as soon as they get their hands on one in a few weeks. p0sixninja has already begun tweeting what amounts to a fundraising campaign in order to obtain an iPad so the experimentation can begin.

    if I had a job I would pay out of my own pocket. but iphone exploit hunting fulltime doesn't exactly pay well (at all)
    While it sounds like a slam dunk jailbreak certainty, if and how the iPad can be hacked still depends on a number of factors, like the yet to be determined exploits. But despite the increasing challenges behind jailbreaking firmware, Apple's iPad will likely be far from impenetrable. And the jailbreak community is naturally stoked about the potential of a jailbroken iPad. We already know Cydia developers are chomping at the bit to dig in on the iPad and their opportunity to do so seems to be closer now than ever.

    For now, all signs point to an Pad jailbreak for OS 3.2 coming very, very soon, and likely with the assistance of GreenPois0n.

    Image via Greenpois0n
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