• It's Game On For The iPad's Big Debut

    In the last twenty-four hours, reports have surfaced from individuals who pre-ordered an iPad that their credit/debit cards have been charged for the purchase. This development obviously suggests that the shipping process is underway. Interestingly, some tablet buyers are similarly reporting that payment processing suggests that the iPad 3G is also preparing for takeoff.

    In addition to these promising signs of the tablet's imminent arrival, on the digital content front rapid progress is being noted via the iTunes preview site. In recent weeks, Apple has made it clear to developers that it wants their best iPad apps submitted for review by March 27th in order to potentially include them in the iPad App Store, the grand opening of which also looms large. According to information listed on the iTunes preview site, such apps ready to roll include: Worms HDN, BA Hotshot HD, Numba HD, Plants vs. Zombie, Ammoin HD, Azkend HD, Flight Control HD, Grind HD, and HD Recovery. Before next weekend, it's likely we will see that list lengthen considerably.

    In addition to reports of credit cards being charged and apps getting the final polish before the big push, Amazon has turned on its iPad page - granted, of course, there's nothing to see yet.

    Meanwhile, Best Buy is also preparing for the mad rush to accompany the iPad's release. The latest speculation surrounding Best Buy's plan to accommodate the iPad's arrival is that the consumer electronics giant will only initially carry the iPad in fewer than 700 of its total 1000 US locations. The lucky 700 or so are those with a so-called "store-in-a-store" - that is, Best Buy stores with designated territory already reserved exclusively for Apple products.

    Best Buy is making it clear far ahead of April 3rd that stores will not open early on launch day and that BestBuy.com won't initially offer the tablet.
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