• iPad Apps Begin Appearing, Then Disappear

    Having begun accepting submissions for iPad apps a week ago, titles have begun appearing on iTunes Preview, though they're not yet available for download. Apparently, developers are renaming iPad versions of their apps with an “HD” or “XL” suffix to distinguish the larger-format versions from existing iPhone and iPod touch compatible apps. The listings were quickly pulled, but the apps appeared mostly to be games redesigned for the new device.

    Apple had sent an email out to devs last week, notifying them that iPad app submissions were being accepted. The deadline for apps to be considered by the April 3rd launch of the iPad was set at 5PM California time tomorrow. Apparently, the turnaround - at least for resized apps that had already been accepted in 320 x 480 mode - was short: PadGadget noticed yesterday that some apps were appearing in "HD" versions, but only on the iTunes Preview website. Clicking around a little more, they found a slew of apps with HD and XL suffixes, but clicking on the Download link causes an error that says that “the item you’ve requested is not currently available in the US store.”

    The links are no longer visible on iTunes Preview, but the apps PadGadget had found apparently were predominantly game reformats, with HD versions of titles like Flight Control, Plants vs Zombies, Worms, and Labyrinth 2 appearing in the lists. Of course, it's possible that many more "universal" apps that are compatible with both the iPhone/iPod and the iPad may be released without a special designation, so the range of apps may be far greater than what had been uncovered.

    image via PadGadget
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