• Apple Gains Tablet Market Share Despite Added Competition

    Apple’s earnings report fell short of investor expectations despite solid revenue growth (the expectations of investors is a discussion for another time), but under the surface the numbers show Apple’s iPad sales continue to grow.

    Between April and June (three months) Apple sold 17 million iPad proving the tablet is Apple’s workhorse during a time when Mac and iPod sales are down, and customers are holding off for a new iPhone this fall. The 17 million iPads bring Apple’s total tablet sales to 84 million since the company introduced the iPad in 2010.

    Apple’s iPad sales by revenue were up 52% globally and up 84% by unit sales, equating to an increase in Apple’s share of the tablet market to 68.3% up from 62% during Q2 last year. Analysts seem unable to agree on why Apple regained some of the tablet market it lost, but a combination of a slower global economy, lack of competition, and the exit of others from the market have allowed Apple a pretty uncontested run in the Tablet market.

    Android’s market share has remained level at 29.3% despite increasing sales to 7.7 million compared to 4.4 million last year. The recent addition of Google’s Nexus 7 to the fray, and Microsoft's upcoming surface tablets could put a dent in Apple’s marketshare. But, analysts parroted the same comments about the Kindle, Nook, and other tablets last year.

    Source: TechCrunch
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