• April 3rd Supply of iPads... is Gone

    Orders placed from today on are no longer being guaranteed an April 3rd delivery. Why? Apple is rapidly depleting their supply of iPads. Sources close to the situation have indicated that the initial supply for the April 3rd launch has been thoroughly decimated as customer demand has apparently outpaced the available supply.

    This morning, Apple posted updated website content indicating that new orders for all three models of the WiFi-only iPad models will be pushed back to April 12th. While the customers who first pre-ordered their iPad only have another week to wait for delivery, anyone who decides this weekend to go through with a purchase will now have another three weeks to wait.

    Although there was some confusion across the blogosphere this morning when the revised info from Apple was first discovered, the April 3rd delivery has not been changed for customer who have already ordered their tablet. The new April 12th delivery estimate only affects customer who order an iPad from this day forward. Through it all, however, Apple hasn't modified its tone about 3G enabled iPads. At present, they will still ship in late April.

    Yesterday on MMI, we reported that customers who pre-ordered their iPads have begun reporting their credit cards being charged for the purchase of the iPad - further evidence of the first wave of iPad deliveries running smoothly.
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