• Path Update Adds Improved Camera and Sharing Features

    People who still use Path will be happy to find out that the mobile social network has released an update that comes packed with quite a bit of new features. For those of you who don’t know about Path, it’s a free app that allows sharing to only a few (150) good friends. The app is quite popular and is known for its eye-appealing user interface as well as the fact that it serves as a gateway to posting on other services such as FourSquare and Twitter.

    To start with, new users are given the option to share movies they’re watching and books they are reading. A tap on the “music” button now shows movies and books with popular current films listed and shareable via a tap. Books work the same with bestsellers and popular titles being listed separately. Not only can you share the books and movies you are planning on delving into but taking photos and videos with Path has also improved.

    The camera is now changed and takes square images and videos in portrait orientation. There are also four new tools available for photo editing, which include Glo, Depth, Zoom, and Crop. The photo editing tools are quite explanatory with the exception of “Glo,” which is used to “fix and enhance details in dark or bright photos.” It should also be mentioned that photos and videos are displayed larger, with the option of taking photos by snapping or tapping the volume button, and with the option of playing and stopping video recording with the tap of one red button on the screen.

    It’s also easier to invite your real friends to Path with a personal note or recorded audio message. The developers also added a possible “nudge” feature where you can tell your friends to send photos and make check-ins. As if all this wasn’t already enough, new users can also get a kick-start to Path from their existing social media networks such as Facebook, Instagram, and FourSquare. New users will have the option of importing past moments over from the aforementioned networks.

    With all the new features, will any of you begin using Path (or continue to use it in some cases)?

    Source: App Store
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    1. MountainCubX's Avatar
      MountainCubX -
      Thanks for the info.. Updating my Path now..
    1. zplit's Avatar
      zplit -
      Thanks for the good news really love path
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