• ILab Assembles iPhone 5 From Leaked Parts

    Repair shop iLab released some interesting photos of an iPhone 5 mockup they assembled from alleged iPhone 5 parts floating around for months now.

    The final assembled product might provide the most accurate leak/mockup the outside world gets before the iPhone 5 is actually announced. The build includes leaked backplates, camera sensor, front plate, smaller dock connector, and other various components.

    The iLab mockup includes all the changes part leaks and rumors have been pointing to all year including the 19-pin connector, matte two-tone finish, 16:9 screen, altered front camera placement, and the new speaker/microphone design.

    Another leak of a supposed iPhone 5 surfaced earlier this week with its originators claiming the device was smuggled out of Foxconn’s factories. However, the photos were extremely sub par and the phone appeared to be in a case. These high-quality images from iLab provide the most complete picture of the upcoming iPhone 5 thus far, and hopefully is indicative of Apple’s final design.

    But, this is still unsubstantiated speculation, albeit very creative unsubstantiated speculation.

    Source: iLab [via Gizmodo]
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    1. soidroidios's Avatar
      soidroidios -
      Wow. You really are due for an upgrade.

      For 4S users, this is a 50/50 choice. They might just wait for the "S" version again.
    1. thazsar's Avatar
      thazsar -
      Quote Originally Posted by soidroidios View Post
      Wow. You really are due for an upgrade.

      For 4S users, this is a 50/50 choice. They might just wait for the "S" version again.
      I'm fortunate enough to be 'in the minority' where I can upgrade annually. Then I'll sell my 4S and basically get the new phone for free!
    1. Amadomon's Avatar
      Amadomon -
      Quote Originally Posted by SepticTank View Post
      Simply said--this next iPhone better be dazzling because the 4S was a dud. 3GS is still clearly the best iPhone ever made, not the 4th. Who cares about Retina display and more RAM, those were inevitable on any phone. HTC One X is ready for purchase if this phone is ordinary. And I will agree with many others as the pics (real or bogus) aren't very appealing and not groundbreaking.

      Sick of speculation and rumor mills. Just sit and wait. I know you all hate your SIRI 4S but just for once consider a different phone if it's not up to what you expect. People can't seem to understand Apple isnt the king phone maker right now. They are playing 2nd/3rd fiddle to HTC and Samsung. Reviews and Consumer Reports doesn't lie. You'll find the 4S near the bottom of each major provider. Fact. Not fiction.

      My opinion.
      I care about the display and the RAM, and having had both the 3GS and the 4S, I can tell you the 4S is a better phone. I also like the "Fact. Not fiction. My opinion." Um, hello?
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