• iPad Hype Prompts Strict Privacy, Security Measures

    If you've read anything this week about the impending iPad arrival, you might think that the security and privacy measures Apple is taking ahead of Saturday's tablet launch are somewhat... dramatic. With reports of everything from Apple employee gag orders to (unconfirmed reports of) beefed-up security measures at Apple's retail outlets, it almost appears that Cupertino is bracing for riot-like conditions on Saturday.

    While the media is beautifully playing into Apple's insatiable appetite for high-drama, the iPad launch closely mirrors similar Apple product rollouts in past years. Several news outlets, in fact, are making a big deal out of the fact that they can't find an Apple Store employee who has already had an opportunity to test out the iPad. As usual, Apple employees are universally kept in the dark - including team members who may have to promptly troubleshoot a device they have never before touched. But this is standard operating procedure for this company, an organization that loves secrecy every bit as much as it loves technology.

    While Apple hasn't publicly commented on the bulking up of security measures at retail outlets across the US, there have been concerns that some individuals might try to illegally obtain the iPad hours before it officially goes on sale. Of course, given the way these rumored security measures have been covered, you would think that Apple is anticipating angry mobs to break through the doors and windows of their stores Friday night because they simply can't wait until Saturday morning to touch the Holy Grail.

    Then again, if you're among the aforementioned "mob," don't bother going to great lengths Friday to intercept any large shipments inbound to an Apple store. Once again, Apple is believed to be sending out "dummy freight" as decoys - a move the company similarly made ahead of the iPhone's initial sales debut three years ago.

    Yes, it will be a glorious occasion when Saturday finally arrives. But it may be even more glorious when Saturday is finally over.
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