• AMD Gains Apple's Loss as CPU Guru Departs from Cupertino

    Apple is losing one of its longtime employees, a man widely credited with being the so-called architect of Apple's mobile platform, helping to pioneer the technologies used to bring the entire iDevice lineup into existence.

    Unfortunately for Apple, Jim Keller has decided to leave Cupertino where he served as a director in Apple's mobile platform architecture group. His new employer is AMD, the semiconductor design innovator. Keller will serve in the capacity of corporate vice president and chief architect of AMD's microprocessor cores.

    Ironically, Keller will report to chief technology officer and senior vice president of technology and engineering Mark Papermaster - another former Apple employee who allegedly bolted from Apple two years ago following a rumored dispute with Steve Jobs himself.

    "Jim is one of the most widely respected and sought-after innovators in the industry and a very strong addition to our engineering team," Papermaster says of Keller. "He has contributed to processing innovations that have delivered tremendous compute advances for millions of people all over the world, and we expect that his innovative spirit, low-power design expertise, creativity and drive for success will help us shape our future and fuel our growth."

    Source: MarketWatch
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    1. iRevival's Avatar
      iRevival -
      Is it me or is Apple losing all their big employees that are pretty quick pace
    1. RandyTG's Avatar
      RandyTG -
      Didn't Apple just hire a guy in the last few weeks that used to work for AMD?
    1. bigboyz's Avatar
      bigboyz -
      Out with the old and in with the new. Companies change employees daily..its apart of any business, especially BIG business. Yes, he is great at his work. He is not the only person on the planet that can do it. Someone else will come along and rival his efforts. Good luck to him and his new company.
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