• Scott Forstall Walks Court Through Creation of iOS and the iPhone

    Earlier today I commented about the courtroom drama surrounding the Apple v. Samsung trial currently going on. I. Spoke. Way. Too. Soon.

    Senior VP of iOS Software Scott Fortsall literally walked everyone in the courtroom through the inception and creations of iOS and the iPhone. The story begins with Steve Jobs bestowing Forstall with the task of creating a development dream-team, but the members could only be hand-picked from current Apple employees. The team then worked on “Project Purple.” However, Forstall couldn’t even tell the team member candidates what they would be working on while pitching the project to them.

    "We're starting another project. It's so secret I cannot tell you what the project is... You are going to have to give up nights and weekends probably for a couple years." — Forstall
    Somehow that simple pitch worked. And it worked really well. Security only increased to even more ludicrous levels.

    The team took one of Apple's Cupertino buildings and locked it down. It started with a single floor with badge readers and cameras. In some cases, even workers on the team would have to show their badges five or six times. — Wired
    Forstall and the team eventually called the building used for iPhone development the “Purple Dorm.” They even put up a sign that said “‘Fight Club’ — first rule of the Purple Project is you don’t talk about Purple Project outside those doors". The dorm apparently even smelled of old pizza, just like a real college dorm.

    Interesting enough though, the origin of the iPhone came after Apple had already started work on the iPad.

    “I remember sitting with Steve and some others, and we all had cellphones and hated our cellphones,” Forstall said, noting that many of them had flip phones at the time. Apple had already embarked on the iPad project at this point. Forstall and his cohorts wondered, “Could we use the technology we’d been using with touch and use that same technology to build a phone, something that could fit in your pocket, but give it all the same power we were looking at giving the tablet?" — Forstall
    Forstall’s testimony adds some fantastic insight into how Apple operates and the history behind iOS. Whether or not it will help in the Apple v. Samsung case is almost irrelevant. All we want is more juicy details on Apple and its products.

    Source: Wired
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    1. soidroidios's Avatar
      soidroidios -
      Well, he certainly put on quite a show. I guess Apple wanted to fascinate the Jury with Apple magic before the trial really ensues. That way they are more inclined to support Apple's claims
    1. mustard05's Avatar
      mustard05 -
      Where was the walk through?
    1. Flaviopro's Avatar
      Flaviopro -
      Yeah it's so intersting
    1. Airwaves182's Avatar
      Airwaves182 -
      Scot Forstall has a face I jus feel like punching..
    1. Mrteacup's Avatar
      Mrteacup -
      I agree he reminds me of Pauly d from Hersey shore.. I really want to punch him
    1. Airwaves182's Avatar
      Airwaves182 -
      Quote Originally Posted by Mrteacup View Post
      I agree he reminds me of Pauly d from Hersey shore.. I really want to punch him
    1. fleurya's Avatar
      fleurya -
      Well that didn't say much. We already knew they were developing iOS for a tablet initially.
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