• Apple Rejecting "Dashboard" Apps?

    A day before the iPad goes on sale, Apple has decided to reject a handy app that replicates Mac OS X Dashboard functionality, and is leaving another similar app in limbo. No reason has been announced for the rejection of the apps, which would have helped users deal with the lack of multitasking on the new device, but this move leaves open the possibility that Apple believes that the apps are too similar to future iPhone OS improvements.

    Aqua Eagle Desktop was an app that took advantage of the iPad's capability of having multiple windows open at the same time. The app provided easy access to a number of different simple utility widget-like windows that a user could switch between with a single tap. Desktop, which included a mini-browser, a dictionary, conversion tool, a translator, a calculator, a currency converter, mapping, a "stats" monitor, a weather widget and a quick email composer, had been available in the App Store for $4.99 after approval yesterday, but it disappeared today.

    It's About Time Products designed their mini apps system using the Apple Dashboard API, and claims that their app will be compatible with "the majority of available Dashboard widgets on the Mac." Shipping with an old-school "1984-style" Calculator, a browser, Sticky Notes, Weather, and the NASA image of the day. Use of the standard API would make it possible for more widgets to be added. The mini apps title has not appeared on the App Store yet, and the developer sent me an email saying he has neither gotten acceptance nor rejection from Apple of their submission.

    According to a company spokesman I got an email from, Aqua Eagle hasn't heard anything from Apple as to the reason why their app was dropped. It's possible that Apple found some issue, though the removal of Desktop after its approval suggests there's something else at play rather than a Developer Agreement violation. Could it be that Apple is working on similar functionality for iPhone 4.0, and didn't want the competition? Only time will tell.
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