• The iPad Arrives! Modders Gear Up! Consumers Go Nuts!

    For some, the wait from January 27th until today has felt like an eternity. But April 3rd has finally arrived. And so has the iPad. But with its arrival comes the usual consumer feeding frenzy that Apple products have been known to inspire. Look no further than the Apple Store in Palo Alto, California for evidence. Despite inclement weather Friday night, people began camping out in front of the store nearly twenty-four hours ahead of today's open.

    In case you're wondering, yes, these are people who have already pre-ordered their iPads and will have the much-hyped tablet today regardless of how long they wait in line. Rational behavior? Nope. But, once again, we're talking about an Apple product release. To be fair, though, a number of folks in line aren't just your good-old-fashioned Apple fanatics. Many app developers are on the front lines of today's big reveal. Having an opportunity to see their creations on the iPad screen is, indeed, making it difficult to sleep in this Saturday.

    But while thousands of iPad buyers and app developers flood Apple Stores across the US today, scores of hackers, modders, and jailbreakers are getting pumped up about laying their hands on an iPad for the first time today. And regardless of whether you're getting an iPad this morning or not, you can still enjoy a very up close and personal look at the iPad today - both inside and out. It turns out the team at iFixit will publicly tear down an iPad this morning via a live stream on their website. At present, however, the scheduled time of the tear down still depends on "the moment we get our pre-ordered units."

    As consumers go crazy with iPad mania and the jailbreak community gears up to see what the iPad can do, a monumentally exciting journey has begun. And with weeks and months of iPad speculation now behind us, we can finally focus on the device at hand... and now shift the full weight of the rumor mill toward the 4th gen iPhone
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