• Valve Seeks to Expand Steam Store Beyond Games on September 5

    The popular PC gaming marketplace, Steam, is ready to be the third major desktop application store along with Apple’s App Store and Microsoft’s upcoming Windows 8 store. Valve, which is the parent company of Steam, announced in a press release this afternoon the arrival of new non-gaming software on its store, launching September 5th, a certain step away from its year of focusing on just gaming. The apps that Steam plans to offer range from “creativity to productivity” with plans of being organized into categories as shown off in a leaked screenshot of Steam’s iOS app from June.

    The service is also said to include the Steamworks feature into the store, a technology that allows for automatic updating of apps and the ability to save data to the Steam cloud. The feature was very well received in the PC gaming marketplace online and is likely to help streamline app updating (and therefore security, bugs, and fixes) for those who utilize the software. This issue can be big selling point for the technologically incapable as it makes things easier for them.

    Steam initially launched in September of 2003 as a market to distribute games and allow for gamers to play in a community. As of this month, over $1,500 games are available with over 54 million active users across the network. Steam launched for OS X in March of 2010 with more and more games being compatible with the Mac OS X as well.

    Developers who are looking to have their software available on Steam can now submit it for the September 5th launch through the Steam website.

    Source: Joystiq
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      cmwade77 -
      They are not ready to be the third, but rather the fourth, Amazon has had a desktop App store for quite some time now.
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