• Free Version of Popular FlightTrack App Goes Live in App Store

    One of the applications that we have seen on the home screen of the iPhone used in some of Appleís past iPhone commercials as far back as the iPhone 3GS is the FlightTrack application. The application allows users to track flights as they depart from and arrive at airports. Itís a popular application for travelers that, up until now, only offered two paid versions Ė a regular version ($4.99) and a pro version ($9.99). Now, a free version of the application has been released and can be downloaded from this link.

    FlightTrack Free is a very clean application Ė almost as clean as you would expect from the paid versions of the application. It isnít ad-supported, but there is a menu that lists all of the app developerís applications and recommends them to you. Apart from that, you might not even think this was a free application because itís built like a paid application would be. Unlike the paid versions of FlightTrack, however, it doesnít come packed with as many features Ė only the bare-bones ability to track flights, nothing more and nothing less.

    For the family members that curiously want to stalk their familyís flight to make sure they arrive and depart on time, this application allows the user to search for flights either by airport or by airline. For other curious people, the application comes with a function where you can shake the device and the application will search for a random flight that is occurring at the moment you shake the device. It will track that random flight until you start tracking a new one. This random flight function is a good way to test if the application works correctly.

    When you start tracking a flight, the application displays a semi-live view of where the flight is, an indicator that shows you how far the flight has gone on its journey, and the ability to see arrival and departure times for the flight. The application lets you know if the flight will be arriving early or late and even tells you if the flight took off early or late. This is good information to have so that you meet your loved ones at the airport on time.

    The paid versions of the application offer a lot more than the free version of the application does, such as more detailed mapping, flight forecasts, and information about the planes. The free version offers just enough for the amateur traveler to get the flight information they need and itís worth the download. Check it out!

    Sources: App Store via iClarified
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    1. skodwarde's Avatar
      skodwarde -
      looks very clean indeed. I've got their full version with the in app flight board and its the best air travel app I've ever used.
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