• iFixit Reveals the iPad Inside and Out

    “This machine is absolutely gorgeous inside,” says Kyle Wiens of iFixit. “There’s clear symmetry that is there for aesthetics alone.”

    This morning, the team at iFixit took their first live glimpse inside the iPad only moments after the outfit finally got their hands on the long awaited tablet computer. Now, iFixit is dishing on the inner details of the iPad. And while their findings have been less than shocking so far, they remain fascinating.

    According to Wiens, the iPad's innards are much cooler than what earlier test model photos revealed by the FCC. The guys at iFixit say the earlier pics simply can't do the real thing justice.

    So what did we learn about the iPad today? For starters, the microprocessor chip - the A4 — stands out prominently in the iPad and is obviously labeled with aesthetics in mind. The tablet also serves up 64-gigabit NAND flash chips from Samsung, which additionally provided another variety of memory chip for the iPad - DRAM, an acronym for "dynamic random access memory." Wiens says the design of the tablet and the heavy use of epoxy in the placement of chips suggests that the iPad isn't as delicate as it looks. Apple clearly endeavored to make the iPad a durable machine that can withstand a ton of wear and tear.

    Unfortunately, should you ever have to switch out the device's battery, your tablet will have to make its way back to Apple. The battery is encased inside the machine to a degree that a simple pop and swap isn't a painless task.

    Guts of the iPad aside, the machine's OS is also spilling lots of secrets this weekend. The iPad filesystem, in fact, references the iPhone3,2, iPhone3,3, iPod4,1, and iProd2,1. While the first three obviously suggest updates to the iPhone and iPod touch, respectively, the last is an indication of a major iPad upgrade.
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