• iPad Unboxing

    Our full review should be up within 24 hours, but we didn't want to leave you guys hanging with no images from our end. We've got a few of them lying around, and a few more on the way when the 3G ones ship.

    In Apple's famous packaging style, once opened you see the iPad, and only the iPad. Underneath is simple white cardboard with a pull tab to get to the USB cable and power adapter.

    The iPad's screen is larger than I thought it would be once I'm seeing it - here's a couple photos of it next to a MacBook Air and a 15" MacBook Pro.

    And a few more for you to gain a perspective of the size and look of it.

    As a first perspective - you have to get used to it being it's own thing, not a large iPhone, in order to really get it. Again, we'll post up a full review this evening most likely, if not first thing tomorrow after using it a while, but it's most definitely more laptop than it is iPhone/iPod. There are marked differences between a laptop, a smart phone, and the iPad - it really is a new genre, closer to a netbook, but for a whole different user.

    We'll elaborate further later, just wanted to whet everyone's appetites that hadn't got an iPad yet.

    Oh - the thing DOES feel perfect though. Weight, size - it's very "holdable."

    Folks who got one - what's your thoughts?
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