• iPad Jailbreak: Rumor Roundup

    A quick look at the status of an iPad jailbreak.

    While there's no official word from anyone, MuscleNerd tweeted "spirit," a jailbreak solution being worked on by comex, should work on an iPad without any modification:

    "spirit" by @comex is pretty solid already. In fact, the expectation is it'll work during iPad testing as-is, no changes needed.

    Neither geohot nor the DevTeam have said anything yet... but geohot's got his iPad.

    So far saurik's only comment has been "Cydia on the iPad will happen if a jailbreak is released." Here's hoping someone releases something... but when? We've also heard from saurik's Twitter:

    I, and many others, are hoping for a delayed release of any iPad jailbreaks, to allow the same exploit to be used on 3.2 iPhones.
    Which makes sense. As we and many others have pointed out many times, there's a finite amount of exploits available on these devices, and there's no reason to use them up on minor releases (the same reason we don't have a 3.1.3 un-tethered jailbreak yet) when we're confident major ones are coming soon.

    So will there be an iPad jailbreak tomorrow? Not likely. But you can bet safely on one being released soon after the 3G models come out, or when the iPhone/iPod Touches get 3.2. iPads are in too many devs hands not to be.
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