• Ultimate iPad Gaming Accessory in Development?

    We're barely 24 hours into the arrival of the iPad and its already apparent that the tablet has the potential to take mobile video gaming to the proverbial next level. And while Apple has traditionally frowned upon the iPhone's runaway popularity as the ultimate hand-held video game system, it seems Cupertino is more than willing to embrace the native and altogether undeniable gaming potential of the iPad. For evidence, look no further than a relatively recent Apple patent getting noticed once again for obvious reasons this weekend.

    As the above illustration showcases, Apple apparently has in the works (or at least on the drawing board), an iPad-suited gaming accessory designed to encase the tablet and provide a veritable gaming framework for the iPad. While the graphic portrays the accessory as a near-clone of the standard 1980's Nintendo controller, it appears that this planned accessory enables both game control from the touch-screen tablet itself as well as the surface buttons and D-pad located on the hardware.

    Our friends at Patently Apple, who profiled this patent application in painstaking detail, speculate that the accessory may also serve up some form of memory storage capacity for retaining vital game stats and user information. In this regard, if the iPad is used as a "toy" shared among several people, the ability to preserve user data and stats will nurture an important and familiar aspect of competitive or shared video gaming.

    Apple is clearly moving full steam ahead with developing the full breadth of potential-rich accessories that will help the iPad live up to its hype as a "game changer." If the accessory outlined ultimately manifests, it will all but certainly change the way we experience mobile gaming. And, for this reason, it seems inevitable that the iPad will meet this accessory sooner rather than later.

    Image via Patently Apple
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