• MagSkin Review [Giveaway]

    MagSkin works. There’s something unusually satisfying about slapping your iPhone on the fridge, and the side of a filing cabinet.

    The idea is simple. Attach a magnet to the back of your iPhone or iPad and stick it to things. Creator Daniel Weyer’s final design is essentially an adhesive magnet with a skin applied to the back for some visual flare. Obviously this an oversimplification of the development and production process which nearly ended without a working prototype until Weyer found a magnet thin enough and powerful enough to support the weight of an iPhone.

    Included in each package is the MagSkin ($19.99) which attaches to the back of your iDevice, and a MagDock, which is a polar opposite adhesive magnet buyers attach to non-magnetic surfaces. The packaging is simple, and the installation equally so. Peel off the MagSkin and apply it to the back of your iPhone and you’re ready start slapping your phone to your fridge, and well, wherever you stick the MagDock. The MagSkin can be pulled off and re-applied to the iPhone and doesn’t leave any adhesive residue on the device.

    The only real problem with the MagDock? Finding something to stick it to. As I wandered throughout my house the only thing I could find that had the necessary magnetic properties was my refrigerator, washer, and dryer. Obviously if I had an army of MagDocks littered around the house this wouldn’t be a problem. But, most people will only need a few placed in key positions to make the purchase well worth it. That said, walking around the office is different. Filing cabinets, desks, and more filing cabinets provide
    plenty of magnetic space to attach your phone.

    However, it is worth noting that not all refrigerators are created equal. My neighbor’s has far more “sticking” power than mine. Don’t try to throw your phone onto your fridge. You’ll have a bad time. Ultimately the MagSkin is an interesting product from and Indie designer that is definitely worth your attention and consideration.

    Giveaway Details

    As usual we’re running a giveaway. To enter “Like” the MagSkin Facebook page or share this story on Twitter or Facebook while hashtagging or mentioning ModMyi and MagSkin. By the weekend we’ll choose five winners who will get to select their choice of MagSkin.

    Weyer is also running few promotions including a 25% off post-Kickstarter sale when using the coupon code “Kickstarter” as well as a 25% off orders of $25 for ModMyi readers until August 25th with the coupon code “ModMyi.”

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    1. MXCO's Avatar
      MXCO -
      I rather stick with my lifeproof case, but if someone gave me this I won't mind ha. This is probably something I would buy to show off or amaze my friends.
    1. scubasteve24's Avatar
      scubasteve24 -
      I want it I think its pretty neat lol
    1. Da Wil-Man's Avatar
      Da Wil-Man -
      This would be awesome for me at work! To be able to stick it to the side of my tool box!
    1. locobans's Avatar
      locobans -
      Awesome love nicekicks I was the winner of some headphones they are great!
    1. AfterMercyFM's Avatar
      AfterMercyFM -
      How well does it stay when it's vibrating?
    1. Micturition's Avatar
      Micturition -
      I would love this i have a magnetic table at work. "No i wasnt texting!!"
    1. max53389's Avatar
      max53389 -
      $20 for some fancy magnets? Why not.
    1. GAIAStevef's Avatar
      GAIAStevef -
      And of course the obvious thought is "Hey, let's stick some magnets to my electronic devices ! Why not!"

      Am I the only one thinking this is a little iffy ?
    1. Silvio6's Avatar
      Silvio6 -
      Wait, i already have this function on my Kickstarter's "tidytilt".

      This is not a new idea ..
    1. HotBlack's Avatar
      HotBlack -
      I think if the magnets caused a problem with the device it would have come to light by now... he has been working on this project for some time you realise.
    1. Darkflame's Avatar
      Darkflame -
      My girlfriend could use something like this at work. Her desk has so much paperwork all over the place the only free spot to put anything is on the side of her filing cabinet.
    1. crackertime's Avatar
      crackertime -
      I really hope this happens for me, as my magma really needs a skin, it keeps cooling too quickly.
    1. pyroguy57's Avatar
      pyroguy57 -
      Good luck everyone!
    1. foolish813's Avatar
      foolish813 -
      Quote Originally Posted by GAIAStevef View Post
      And of course the obvious thought is "Hey, let's stick some magnets to my electronic devices ! Why not!"

      Am I the only one thinking this is a little iffy ?
      Scares me too! I erase tapes n hard drives for a living. Cool idea, but gives me shivers. I hate syncing and re-syncing.
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