• Upcoming Tweak 'Dash' is an Eye-candy Multitasking Interface for iOS

    Most people will agree that iOS has a poor implementation for multitasking and the device is capable of a much more beautiful interface. In fact, jailbreaking has brought a lot of popular alternatives like multifl0w and Cardswitcher. Joining the competition in the very near future is a new jailbreak tweak dubbed Dash by iOS development team SBCoders. Shown above, you can see just how professionally done the interface looks.

    It includes the famous linen wallpaper, which looks great and feels native. In addition, it comes with a nice close button for exiting the Dash interface, an indicator that shows the application name, an application icon pertaining to the application window you’re viewing, and page dots to indicate how many applications are open in the background. The applications that are running in the background show their last screen image before being suspended in the memory and the user can swipe left and right to move between applications and tap on the screenshots to re-open the application where it left off. You can swipe up on one of the open applications to close it.

    Apart from just looking good, it reacts to your finger nicely too, with multiple animations to choose from. In its current beta state, there are five animations to choose from, but it’s a safe bet that more animations will be added in the future. These animations are selected from the preferences pane that can be found in the Settings application after installing – shown below:

    The animations you can choose from include:
    • Scroll (default)
    • Cover Flow
    • Time Machine
    • Rotary
    • Cylinder

    The other option you will have to configure from the preferences pane of the tweak is the Activator action you want to use to open Dash. Some people are going to want to set it to the double-press home button options so it overwrites Apple’s multitasking App Switcher, however you can set it anything you’d like to use. Once you’ve set your activator action, invoke it and an animation will occur: when on the home screen, the home screen will move up the screen just like Notification Center would if you were dismissing it. When in an application, the application frames itself into Dash’s interface.

    When you have no applications running in the background, Dash looks like this:

    Professionally done, graphically refined, and wonderfully implemented, Dash will be an awesome new multitasking tweak when it’s released some time next week! Keep your eyes peeled; we will be sure to keep you updated upon its arrival.

    Sources: SBCoders
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    1. jonkjon's Avatar
      jonkjon -
      This would be nicer if you could get back to the springboard to launch another app without using the home button. My home button is nearly dead.....
    1. thazsar's Avatar
      thazsar -
      Quote Originally Posted by jonkjon View Post
      This would be nicer if you could get back to the springboard to launch another app without using the home button. My home button is nearly dead.....
      Have u tried the Home Button cache trick???

      -Open up ur Messages.app (or any Default Apple app)
      -Hold down Power Button till 'Slide to Power Off' appears
      -While holding down the Power Button, press and hold the Home Button for 7-8 seconds
      -The screen should split which verifies the cache has been reset.
    1. thazsar's Avatar
      thazsar -
      Here's my new video of the Home Button cache trick:
    1. LilyKing's Avatar
      LilyKing -
      excited! thanks for sharing.
    1. neolalit1's Avatar
      neolalit1 -
      Looking nice, and the features & applications are also good. I want to know the price of this model.
    1. Sk37cH's Avatar
      Sk37cH -
    1. neolalit1's Avatar
      neolalit1 -
      Thanks for telling me price. will u please send your email id.
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