• Samsung Plunking Huge Cash into Southern iDevice Chip Plant

    Apple, as we know, is planning to spend upwards of $300 million on a new Austin, Texas-based campus, which will create thousands of local jobs while expanding Apple's already sprawling corporate space in the southern and western spheres of the United States.

    But Apple isn't alone in its Lone Star State aspirations. On Tuesday, Apple rival Samsung confirmed plans to spend somewhere in the neighborhood of $4 billion at an already existing chip plant in Austin, Texas - the same facility in which chips are made for Apple's iPhone and iPad.

    Samsung's infusion of cash is meant to help "renovate an existing chip producing line and boost production of system chips, widely used in popular smartphones and tablets." Samsung feels the expansion and its investment are necessary in response to the growing demand for chips in today's competitive mobile device landscape.

    According to scant details procured by Reuters in today's report, the latest huge investment comes in addition to another massive spending spree confirmed earlier this summer by Samsung - a commitment to build a new logic chip plant in South Korea.

    Source: Reuters
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