• Skype iOS App Updated With Photo Sending and Improvements

    Skype has launched version 4.1 of their iOS application today; an update that is free for anyone to download or update to. It comes with some important bug fixes and performance improvements, which most of us know the Skype iOS application needs a lot of. Noticeable right off the bat is how much more responsive the interface is to your touch gestures and it isnít as sluggish anymore. The update also includes some visual fixes and a fix to a Bluetooth and calling bug that was present in the application.

    On a more exciting note, the Skype iOS application now supports the sending and receiving of photographs from and to your Camera Roll on the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. This is a feature that desktop users have been able to take advantage of for a while now, but mobile device users have not been able to take advantage of the feature for whatever reason. The photograph sharing feature is built well and works like a charm, as shown below:

    To send a photograph, the user only needs to tap on the phone icon in the top right of the application and they will find a prompt asking them if they would like to video call the contact, voice call the contact, or send a photograph to the contact. Tapping on the send photograph option then leads the user to the Camera Roll, where they can select the picture they would like to send to the contact. Once selected, Skype will initiate the file transfer. Skype will require access to your Camera Roll, so you will have to grant it that access.

    As for the receiverís end, the iPhone screenshot above shows what that looks like. The user can accept or decline the photograph just like they can in the desktop version of Skype. If accepted, a transfer bar showing you how long the transfer will take will appear and will show the transfer progress. Declining the photograph will end the file transfer. The receiver, should they accept the photograph, will find the image in their Camera Roll when the file transfer is done.

    While it is a step forward in the right direction, Skype for iOS is still limited in its abilities by Apple. In the desktop version of the application, the user can send all kinds if file-types and not just photographs. If you are hoping for this to ever come true for iOS, donít hold your breath Ė you might never breathe again.

    Apart from those updates, Skype for iOS also includes better privacy. If you have the Skype application on your iOS device, it is recommended that you snag this update. If you donít have Skype for iOS just yet, you can download it for free from this link.

    Sources: App Store
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