• Don't Keep Your iPad in the Sun... or in the Refrigerator

    As summertime looms large around the corner, thousands of new iPad owners are likely gearing up for many a day at the beach or at an outdoor cafe enjoying a cold drink and whatever cool content is being pumped out from their tablet. But as we've already learned from those who have taken their iPad outside, the device could very well malfunction if exposed to too much sunlight.

    Overheating has joined the list of initial problems punctuating the iPad's first full week of release. From word yesterday of the iPad having difficultly obtaining a Wi-Fi connection to the internet, to the latest news of iPads boiling in the sun, the iPad's earliest days of life have certainly not been without a glitch. Nonetheless, as with any laptop or portable mobile device, the possibility of an overheated meltdown is always present. And the iPad is simply not above the unpleasant reality that holds true for many similar devices.

    Of course, should you experience a shut down or screen prompt that your tablet is overheating, no one is suggesting that you follow the humorous example of PC Magazine editor Zach Honig. Honig stuck his device in the fridge when his iPad revealed its forthcoming heat-stroke. So if you see the warning screen that reads: "iPad needs to cool down before you can use it," don't jam your device between the cold cuts and Sunny D, okay?

    If you're curious or haven't already discovered this interesting little fact, the iPad's operating temperature is 32 to 95 F (0 to 35 C) while its non-operating temperature is -4 to 113 F (-20 to 45 C). It should be noted, however, that several folks were simply using their iPads in relatively cool environments when "overheating" issues occurred. Honig, for example, was in 70 weather when his iPad began to overheat - a situation that leads some to speculate that there could be internal temperature problems for the iPad as well.

    Image via Zach Honig/CNET
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