• Sony Reveals Sound Forge Pro is Headed to the Mac

    For those of you who are in the audio editing industry, you might have been following a series of teaser videos that reveal Sony’s upcoming app, Sound Forge Pro, is finally making its way to the Mac OS X. As of right now, no specific details regarding a release date or any other release information have been announced. One thing we do know is that the site called FinallyOnTheMac.com, which has been teasing a big Mac release in the near future that has been pointed out to be Sony's audio editing and production app, Sound Forge Pro.

    According to the site, the app will be “Reforged, Reinvested, and Refined.” What Sony is referring to when saying this is still yet to be discovered. Regardless, this is good news for audio producers and engineers who like using the Sound Forge software and prefer to use Apple hardware and the Mac OS X as opposed to its Windows counterpart.

    You can watch the video teaser below:

    More information is likely to be revealed on the site in the future so we’ll know more of what’s to come soon enough.

    Source: FinallyOnTheMac via MacRumors
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    1. Donnutt's Avatar
      Donnutt -
      Yes!!! Adobe sound booth is ok, but I've used sound forge since I was a teenager. Soooo excited.
    1. Ajallan246's Avatar
      Ajallan246 -
      Is this like a fancy Audacity?
    1. Micturition's Avatar
      Micturition -
      FINALLY. Ive been waiting for Logic 10 or X to come out but since this is a thing a think i might just buy it. I didn't want to spend hundreds on old software (Logic Pro 9 is more than 3 years old). This is the best news ever. And no its not a pimped out audacity. its a full blown DAW (digital audio workstation). Orgasm
    1. MoarCowbell's Avatar
      MoarCowbell -
      Eh, I loved Sound Forge when it was Acid but I've moved on to Ableton for my DAW
    1. djrobstephens's Avatar
      djrobstephens -
      Adobe sound booth is terrible. The need to make adobe audition for Mac.
    1. terrorhead's Avatar
      terrorhead -
      I'll continue to use Reaper.
    1. djaquapimp's Avatar
      djaquapimp -
      Quote Originally Posted by MoarCowbell View Post
      Eh, I loved Sound Forge when it was Acid but I've moved on to Ableton for my DAW
      Sound forge is different than Ableton or Acid. Sound forge is not a DAW its more of a post production/editing tool. Acid pro is still around btw. But They serve two different purposes. Basically acid is to create music while sound forge is where you would take your completed tracks to be cleaned up a bit
    1. Donnutt's Avatar
      Donnutt -
      Exactly. You record and mix in Acid. You edit and massage (and record too) in Soundforge.
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