• Facebook Messenger iOS App Update Adds Support for Emojis and Timeline View

    If you didnít hear already, Facebook launched their new Facebook 5.0 application for iOS yesterday, which was rebuilt from the ground up and is much faster and less crash happy than the older version. Today, Facebook has followed up with an update for their Facebook Messenger application (version 1.9), which adds support for more features such as Facebook smiley faces, iOS Emoji, and Timeline View. In addition, the application now shows how long ago the person you are messaging was active Ė talk about creepy.

    The Timeline View feature allows the user to tap on the name of the person they are messaging through the Facebook Messenger application to view that personís Facebook Timeline. If you are one with a lot of Facebook friends, this feature can be helpful if you forget who it is that youíre messaging and give you a chance to refresh your memory. It also serves as an easy shortcut for anyone that wants to browse their friends' timelines.

    The additional support for smiley faces and Emojis gives you the ability to express yourself with more than just words and have a personal conversation with someone that isnít so gray. Since Facebook themselves have added compatibility for these emoticons, they are visible across multiple platforms including iOS, Mac OS X, and Windows. The last active feature lets you know the last time the person you were messaging touched their Facebook. This lets you know if the person you are talking to is ignoring you or if they just havenít seen your message yet.

    The update includes an improved 'new message' sound and some minor bug fixes to make the application more stable. If you donít have the Facebook Messenger application yet, it is free in the App Store from this link; you arenít missing much since the Facebook application has its own messaging feature built into it, however the dedicated application has a few extra bells and whistles.

    Sources: App Store via iClarified
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    1. cloudyweather1's Avatar
      cloudyweather1 -
      This is definitely a huge provement with a noticeable difference in performance - much faster
    1. itsjustlenny's Avatar
      itsjustlenny -
      Is it just me or is landscape mode not there??
    1. cloudyweather1's Avatar
      cloudyweather1 -
      Mine work just fine
    1. 2k1's Avatar
      2k1 -
      Quote Originally Posted by itsjustlenny View Post
      Is it just me or is landscape mode not there??
      Mines all good
    1. ashleybrown's Avatar
      ashleybrown -
      I love the new facebook app specially when viewing photos all you have to do is swipe the photo up or down and it will come back on your news feed. The new youtube app is also impressive, I haven't update the twitter yet.
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