• Apple (Kinda) Acknowledges iPad WiFi Issues, (Sorta) Suggests Workarounds

    Some iPad owners began reporting WiFi problems after bringing their new iPads home on Saturday, but Apple has been silent on the matter until today. In a new Knowledge Base article, Apple notes that iPads may have connectivity issues and offers ways of dealing with it. However, the workarounds mentioned have not solved all problems, and at least one user found that a replacement iPad worked fine.

    Several different WiFi-related problems have been reported so far. The most common appears to be weak and/or unstable connections. Many users that tried to reconnect to to home or hotspot networks after waking their iPads from sleep found that the device wouldn't reassociate. Apple issued a Knowledge Base article Saturday ("Troubleshooting Wi-Fi networks and connections") that many users found… well, kind of lame: it offered generic advice such as "Move closer to the Wi-Fi router or hotspot" and "verify the Wi-Fi router is connected to power and turned on."

    The Knowledge Base article posted today acknowledged that "under certain conditions," the iPad does not reconnect to a wireless network after waking from sleep. The problem is limited, according to Apple, to multiple-band a/b/g wireless gateways where the same network name is used for multiple bands. The suggested workaround is that users set up separate network names for each band and make sure the same encryption methods are used for the different bands.

    Some posters to the support forums noted that the problem went away when they set the iPad's brightness above minimum. And one iPad user took their problematic iPad back to the Apple Store for exchange, and didn't experience the problem with the replacement unit, suggesting that this is a manufacturing issue with certain iPads.
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