• Tweetbot for Mac Now in Beta Stages

    Back in July, ModMyi reported on the alpha release of Tweetbot for Mac. Tweetbot is a popular third-party Twitter client by Tapbots that has blasted off in popularity for the iOS platform and the success has triggered an attempt on a Mac version of the Twitter client. Since the alpha release of Tweetbot for Mac, Tapbots has been working hard and the beta version of Tweetbot is now available on their Web site.

    Due to new Twitter policy creating limits with user tokens, Tapbots removed the alpha from their site. Today, the beta version has been posted, which includes some important fixes from the alpha version, but also comes with the sad news that you wonít be able to add or re-authorize any Twitter accounts in the beta Ė according to Tapbots, this will change when the final paid release of Tweetbot for Mac is launched in the Mac App Store:

    A lot of our Tweetbot for Mac Alpha users have worried about whatís going to happen to them now that the Alpha has been pulled. A few folks have suggested that we release a new version but without the ability to add any new accounts, we thought it was a good idea and have done that.

    You can grab the Tweetbot for Mac Beta here. Itís important to realize that with this build you canít add or reauthorize any accounts. If you delete an account or de-authorize an existing account you will not be able to add it again until the final version comes out.

    If you try to add a new account or launch the app with no accounts created you are going to end up right here on this page.
    If you do have the alpha version of Tweetbot, it will have expired today, so it's recommended that you download the beta. The good news for those of you that have the ability to use the beta version of Tweetbot is that it remains free (until the final release, that is), and it comes with a lot of new features and fixes including:
    • Pasting images into the new Tweet field
    • Copying Tweets on the timeline
    • Opening items in a new column
    • Improved swipe gestures and keyboard shortcuts
    • A new profile view
    • Improved drag and drop Tweets
    • Gap loading has been fixed
    • Context buttons from the timeline when clicking on a Tweet added
    • Tons of diverse bug fixes and performance improvements

    If youíre interested in downloading the beta, you can grab it free from this link.

    Sources: Tapbots Blog
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