• Is Adobe Prepping Major Lawsuit Against Apple?

    If you thought Apple and Adobe had an icy relationship before, you haven't seen anything yet.

    There are rumors and rumblings across the web tonight that Adobe is putting the wheels in motion on what could prove to be a substantial lawsuit against Apple - the company that remains determined beyond words to keep Flash nowhere near their line of, well... everything.

    As a result of Apple's unshakable anti-Flash posturing, Adobe may be getting their ducks in a row on a legal course of action to claim a piece of the i-pie.

    According to the latest blog entry from Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols of IT World, Adobe's frustration multiplied exponentially when Apple suggested that Adobe Flash was, in effect, "not good enough" for the iPad. But the biggest blow to Adobe - and the reason the company may be interested in suing the pants off of Apple - came when Apple revised its iPhone SDK license to prevent developers from submitting programs that use cross-platform compilers.

    It seems Adobe has had enough. And if certain "sources" are to be believed, Apple could very well end up in court. Without question, there is more than just animus brewing within the walls of Adobe. There seems to be outright hatred by some at Adobe toward their former partners and colleagues at Apple. Still, Adobe is playing it cool for now and not spilling the beans about any potential legal action. At present, an Adobe spokesperson named Wiebke Lips simply says that "We are aware of the new SDK language and are looking into it."

    Of course, that language could also be code for: "Our lawyers are on their way over and we ain't talkin' until we know how many zeros to ask for."

    Image via digitalmediabuzz
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