• Dragon Dictate 3 Announced By Nuance

    OS X Mountain Lion may have come with its own Siri dictation feature, but it’s not perfect and other companies are exploiting its imperfections by offering better software for the Mac. A competing software called Dragon Dictation by Nuance is also an application capable of understanding your voice and putting it into text on your screen. Nuance has, just today, announced Dragon Dictation 3, which is the newest version of the application.

    Nuance Communications, Inc. (NASDAQ: NUAN) today announced Dragon® Dictate for Mac 3, the most powerful, accurate and personalized voice recognition software for the Mac available on the market today. With increased accuracy and significant feature updates, Dragon Dictate lets people quickly and easily create and edit content, and command and control their favorite Mac applications by voice – anytime, anywhere.
    Dragon Dictation 3 is compatible with Apple's new OS X Mountain Lion operating system and is zippier, more reliable, and much better at understanding what you are saying than the previous version. The application is capable of working in several different applications including popular ones like Web browsers, Microsoft Word, or even Pages (Apple’s Microsoft Word equivalent) and offers limitless speech-to-text conversion.

    In addition, the update brings additional vocabulary and the ability to personalize how spoken text comes up on your screen. The feature-rich options let you customize things such as abbreviations, numbers, and more. Nuance also promises a better way to edit text with commands through Dragon Dictation.

    The downside to the application is of course, the price. New users can pre-order Dragon Dictate 3 for the heft price tag of $199.99 and existing users can upgrade for the still-hefty price of $149.99. Comparatively, Siri Dictation ships with every $19.99 purchase of OS X Mountain Lion and gets close to the same job done even though it lacks many features. Dragon Dictation 3 will be officially available on September 13 of this year.

    Sources: Nuance
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    1. thazsar's Avatar
      thazsar -
      (Sarcasm Font, in case u can't tell)

      Oh...my bad...I only paid $30 for Lion w/ 'decent' text-to-speech capabilities. But forget that (!), I'm gonna go ahead and drop $200 for something 'slightly' superior.

      Actually, sign me up for two copies!
    1. NewD's Avatar
      NewD -
      Dragon Dictation is superior to Siri in speech recognition but not as convenient. And DD is so expensive. Siri is unpredictable too. Like the last two days - its been down. Just doesn't work. Rebooted my phone twice. Same prob.
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